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Christmas & New Year Offer

Posted on December 14, 2018

5% discount on all Timbery Sawmills, Edgers, Sharpeners, Tooth Setters. PLUS a free package if items with every new Saw Mill, this includes a pack of 10 blades, a set of adjustable levelling feet and one Log Levelling Wedge. All orders must be placed & paid for before 28-02-2019.

Strathbogie Forest & Garden

Posted on August 22, 2018

Strathbogie Forest & Gardens open day in May was a great success and 3 months later the orders are still coming in. The latest shipment was for two of the very popular Farmi WP36 road tow firewood processors along with a road tow Split0-Fire 4403 log splitter. Both the Farmi processors were with 10-ton splitting force. The Split-fire 4403 has 32ton two-way splitting. If you have never tried a Split-Fire log splitter then you simply wont have experienced just how great these splitters are. The proof is in the trying so why not get in touch with Riko to arrange a demonstration. If you are in the Aberdeen area then why not give Pete at Strathbogie Forest & garden a call.

APF 2018 New Product Launch

Posted on July 17, 2018

Riko will be launching our new range of professional forestry trailers & cranes at this years APF show. They are built by one of Europe’s top manufacturers and come with a market leading 3-year warranty.

Trailers: Single beam and double beam chassis with maximum gross capacities of 8500Kg, 10,500Kg, 12,000Kg, 13,000Kg, 16,000Kg and 18,000Kg. They come complete with rocking beam axles, timber bolsters and headboard. Just a few of the numerous options include different tyres, air or hydraulic brakes, bed extensions, lights, steering drawbars, brash bodies etc. There are also models with 4-wheel drive.

Cranes: With and without extensions, maximum reaches are 4.2, 5.4, 6.7, 7.0, 7.15, 8.0 & 8.5 meters. They come complete with grab, rotator and valve block. Just a few of the options include: conventional control valves with Joystick controls, servo operated mini joysticks inside the cab, full radio remote controls. Gull wing or ‘A’ legs, larger rotators, and larger grabs.

RUFT3500 @ Arb Show

Posted on May 5, 2018

Riko will be exhibiting our latest RUFT3500, Fast Tow trailer at the ARB show at Westonbirt on the 11th & 12th May. The trailer has agross weight of 3500Kg and has full UK IVA approval. It is fitted with a 4.7 meter reach crane with rotator and timber grab. All powered by a built in Honda powered hydraulic power pack. The RUFT3500 has a unique hydraulic moving bed / chassis that allows you to move the load / axles to ensure you have the correct axle and nose weights for towing. Hope to see you at the Arb show.

Adding real value to timber.

Posted on March 13, 2018

You would probably be surprised if you heard that someone had sold something for £17 to £22 if it is worth £50-£60. You would no doubt question their sanity if it turned out to be worth £300-£375. And yet it is exactly what can happen when someone logs up a piece of timber that is of milling quality! To rub salt into the wound they may have even spent over £8,000 on a firewood processor to turn it into logs when a £3,150 Riko Timbery M100 sawmill would enable them to mill it.

To put it into perspective a piece of timber the size shown if the picture below could be worth as little as £17 as softwood logs or as much as £375 as air dried Oak boards.

A 36cm diameter X 3m felled piece of timber equates to approximately 0.31 cubic meters of timber. If its softwood then sold as logs is worth around £17-£22 (£55-£70M³), if it’s hardwood then sold as logs its worth around £25-£31 (£80-£100M³). However, the same piece of timber can be sawn into four 10cm X10cm X 3m posts & two 25mm X 100mm X 3m boards and as softwood could be worth £50-£60 (£266- £320M³) or as hardwood the value could be £100-120 (£533 -£640M³). If you are prepared to spend the extra time cutting it into Waney-Edge cladding boards, then the total value for Cedar is around £110-£130. If its Oak and you cut it into 25mm X 125mm X 3m boards and air dried, it could be worth £300-£375 (£1,600-£2,000 M³).

A PTO driven firewood processor capable of handling 36cm diameter timber will cost you around £8,000 + vat to earn £55-£100 per M³ of logs. A petrol engine Riko M100 saw mill will cost you £3,150 + vat and could potentially earn you up £2,000 M³.

(NB. All prices quoted were sourced on the internet via a UK search and are therefore not binding).

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