Winches, PTO - hydraulic driven drum

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Gear driven single and double drum winches. Tractor linkage mounted pto driven with high pulling force.

Uniforest 65G Forestry winc…

UF65G 1.7 From: £7,850 + vat.

Uniforest 65G Forestry winch / timber winch

Uniforest 70GK constant pow…

UF70GK 1.9 From: £10,350 + vat.

Uniforest 70GK constant power forestry winch

Uniforest 85G Forestry winch.

UF85G 1.9 From:£9,450 + vat.

Uniforest 85G Forestry winch.

Uniforest 90GK constant pow…

UF90GK 2.2 From: £14,500 + vat.

Uniforest 90GK constant power forestry winch

Uniforest 2X85G Forestry winch

2XUF85G 1.9 From:£14,450 + Vat.

Uniforest 2X85G Forestry winch

Uniforest 2X65G Forestry winch

2XUF65G 1.9 From:£12,900 + Vat.

Uniforest 2X65G Forestry winch

Uniforest 120G Forestry win…

UF120G From: £15,550 + vat.

Uniforest 120G Forestry winch / timber winch