Kinetic 8X8 Forwarder

The latest in small scale / low impact timber extraction.

From £45,000 + VAT

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The latest in small scale / low impact timber extraction. The Kinetic is 8 wheel drive with a 26hp diesel engine and mechanical gearbox with 3F X 1 R gears driving a ‘Vario’ transmission drive to the front and rear axles where the drive splits to each wheel through individual chain drives within the rocking axle frame just like a full size forwarder.  Please note that the current model does not have a ROPS / FOPS approval frame or semi-cab.  A new model with larger wheels, and fully approved ROPS / FOPS frame or cab will be available in Spring 2019.  The existing model is still available to order and there are two working units in the UK that prospective customers can visit by prior arrangement.

Maximum load (kg) 3000
Engine (Yanmar diesel) 26Hp
Axel configuration 8x8
Transmission 4:1
Weight (kg) without crane 1790
Crane Country 470
Crane reach (m) 4.7
Crane Weight (kg) 344


The Kinetic has been designed as a serious, high output, professional machine for low impact work by forestry owners and contractors. To realise the benefits of the Kinetic you need to appreciate the advantages it offers:

Advantages over similar forwarder machines on the market are:


  1. Yanmar 26hp 3 cylinder Diesel engine. Smooth and quite, low fuel costs and longevity.
  2. Four post drivers safety frame with canopy and all round work lights. Optional front / rear windscreen.
  3. Mechanical gearbox with four forward and one reverse driving a 'Vario' transmission for clutch-less drive from stationary to full speed in each gear.
  4. Full control of steering and forward / reverse drive whilst seated in the crane operating position.
  5. Eight wheel drive with mechanical drive to each of eight wheels giving true eight wheel traction. Some machines use a hydraulic 'drive cage' that drops down between the rear wheels in the same way as simple drive systems on forwarding trailers. This method acts only as 'assisted drive' as a hydraulic motor is limited by hydraulic pressure and flow and cannot provide the same level of drive as a mechanical drive. Cage wheel drive increases tyres wear and can slip when the tyre is wet and greasy. A cage wheel drive does not work when you have a flat tyre!
  6. Eight wheels on four oscillating axle pivots keep the wheels in contact with the ground for optimum traction and stability over uneven terrain. This also gives the operator a far smother ride, reducing operator fatigue.
  7. Low cost 300 wide tyres with high ply rating. Affordable to replace at around £95 each or £150 each for the upgrade 300/65-12 forestry type tyre. Some similar machines have single front wheels with larger expensive tyres fitted.
  8. Band track option. 8 equal size wheels means you can fit four band tracks for a super low footprint. Some similar machines have single front wheels and four rear wheels meaning you can only fit band tracks on the rear wheels.
  9. Hydraulic extending load area allows you to optimise the bunk area to suit for the timber length being loaded.
  10. Easy transporting by trailer. The overall weight (around 2100Kg) and compact dimensions with hydraulic extending load area means the Kinetic is easy to transport on a 14ft trailer behind vehicles with a towing capacity of as little as 2700Kg.


Advantages over a small tractor and forwarding trailer / crane combination:


  1. Easy transport on a single trailer, the Kinetic will fit on a 14ft flatbed trailer.
  2. Increased output due to greater operator comfort and ease of driving and crane operation.
  3. Lower impact due to articulated steering, eight wheel drive and band track option.
  4. Far better traction due to eight wheel drive through four oscillating axles.
  5. Better ground clearance, climbing and manoeuvrability.



Kinetic 8x8

Kinetic 8x8

Kinetic 8x8

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