S23C Stroke Harvester Head

Naarva S23C is a simple and lightweight harvesting head for tractors and 5-8 ton excavator. It is suitable for first thinning and harvesting timber, pulpwood and energy wood. The Bluetooth measuring device is compatible with Naarva S23C.


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Naarva S23C is mounted to the place of a loading grapple and requires no extra hydraulics or electricity. It can fell, delimb and cut timber. Easy installation, no electricty or hydaulics are needed. S23C weighs only 235kg and requires only 40 l / min oil flow.

S23C can also be installed to 5-8 ton excavators. For excavator installations we provide an extension boom kit. It includes an extension boom with 1,5 meter reach, quick coupler for the boom, rotator, link and all required hydraulics. S23C only requires one two-directional valve from the base machine.

Bluetooth system enables length measuring, automatic delimbing and
cutting to length. Diameter measuring is also available. 7" tablet display.

Technical specifications

Model S23C
Weight 235 kg (518 lbs)
Cutting diameter and speed Ø 30 cm, 1 s (12'')
Delimbing diameter 5-30 cm
Dimensions Length 91 cm, width 81 cm, height 130 cm
Delimbing length and force 50 cm, 21 kN
Delimbing speed 1,1 s / 0,5 m stroke
Required pressure 170-200 bar
Required oil flow 40-70 l / min (10-20 gpm)

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