JMS1005-3.8 Forestry trailer & crane (sold)

3 ton capacity forestry trailer with moving axle, hydraulic brakes, 26/1200-12 tyres. 3.2m reach crane, 250Kg lift, Joystick controls, new timber grab & rotator. Year 2012.

£4,750 + vat

JMS1005-3.8 Forestry trailer & crane (sold) Click image for photo gallery


Used 3-ton capacity forestry trailer, 3.8m long bed with 4 pairs of bolsters. Moveable axle, so you can vary the weight on the tow hitch to suit the towing vehicle.  26/1200-12 tyres with hydraulic brakes on two wheels. 3.2m reach crane, 250Kg lift at 3.2m. Joystick controls.  New 0.08 timber grab & 1 ton rotator. ‘A’ type hydraulic legs.  Year 2012.

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