RRZ110 Skidding Grapple

Heavy duty, max tip to tip opening 1100mm, minimum timber diameter 100mm, gripping force 2500kg free swinging, weight 140kg.

From: £1,350 + VAT

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This robust and simple Skidding Grapple is ideal for inexpensive and efficient skidding and transportation of timber over short distances.

The grab is connected to the main frame by a double joint that allow the grab to pivot freely as the tractor manoeuvres through and over the terrain.  The top joint is angled so that the grab remains 90 degrees to the main frame which makes I easy to reverse over the timber, lower and close the grab around the timber.   The RZ110 connects the tractor 3-point linkage, and this part of the frame is the shape of a capital ‘A’.  The cross bar if the ‘A’ has serrated teeth on the lower edge.  If the but of the tree is placed under the cross bar, If the tractor lift capacity is sufficient then the timber can be fully lifted off the ground.  This is ideal if you want to lift the timber clear of the ground to cut rings.   If you use a hydraulic top link, then it is even possible to raise the far end of the timber further.  This can make is possible to load the long length of timber onto a trailer by reversing up to the trailer and releasing the grip.

A further option is to fit a 500kg or 1000kg pull hydraulic winch with cable to the top frame of the RZ110.  The winch can then be used to pull the inaccessible timber to the RZ110.  The winch can be manually operated or radio remote controlled.  The manual version requires a double acting spool valve on the tractor.  The radio remote controlled version requires a single acting valve on the tractor and a free return.  The price of the winch varies from £1100 for the 500kg manual winch to £1750 for the 1000Kg radio remote winch.

Opened 1100 mm
Closed 100 mm
Own Weight 140 kg
Length close grab NA mm
Max log dimension ø 700 mm
Min log dimension ø 100 mm
Gripping Force 2500 kg

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