RRZ110 Skidding Grapple

Heavy duty, max tip to tip opening 1100mm, minimum timber diameter 100mm, gripping force 2500kg free swinging, weight 140kg.

From: £1,250 + VAT

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This robust Skidding Grapple is for inexpensive and efficient skidding and transportation of trees over short distances.
The claws and the counter bolster straighten the pulpwood which makes transportation and piling of the trees faster. Because of the articulated frame of the skidding grapple, the load follows the tractor's movements, which damage to the younger trees. The articulated joint can be locked from the cabin. The hydraulic lateral swing, which is available as an option, makes the picking up of bunches from the drive track easier. The wide opening angle of the claws and the strong cylinder ensure penetration of the claws into the wood pile.

Opened 1100 mm
Closed 100 mm
Own Weight 140 kg
Length close grab NA mm
Max log dimension ø 700 mm
Min log dimension ø 100 mm
Gripping Force 2500 kg

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