UF RK250

Excavator or crane mountd tree shear

From: £3,950 + vat.

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The UF RK250 tree shear can be mounted on all types of cranes, excavators, skid steers loaders etc.. In all cases the machine it is attached to must be of sufficient weight to safely handle the timber / trees etc being cut.

  • Cranes (with rotator - RK250K) 
  • Excavators (with an adapter - RK250B) 
  • Hardox knife
Type RK 250
Max. opening  1000 mm - opening width
Min. diameter 50 mm 
Softwood  Ø 250 mm
Hardwood  Ø 200 mm
Weight  220 kg
Oil flow 40 - 80 l/m 
Max. power  25 (240 bar) kN
Max. pressure 190 - 240 bar 
2 models:  
For cranes  RK 250K
For excavators  RK 250B


Uniforest RK250 video 1

Uniforest RK250 video 2

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