Used SuperPark 4400 HST

Articulated steering - Hydrostatic transmission, reverse drive Alpine tractor, 2 year warranty

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Articulated steering - Hydrostatic transmission

The SP 4400 HST (38hp) is an articulated hydrostatic, compact, super-handling tractor designed for the maintenance of pedestrian areas and city centres, the cleaning of roadways and pavements, snow clearance and the care of public parks and gardens. The SP can be fitted with front, top and rear fitting equipment whilst maintaining good working speeds. A convenient loading platform on the back of the bonnet renders
the SP useful during material movement.
As far as mechanical innovations are concerned, the SP uses rear reducers that increase stability and handling, in addition to the hydraulically controlled brakes that guarantee decisive modular braking. The foot pedal hydraulically operates the hydrostatic transmission contributing to drive comfort in terms of practicality and safety. The JM™ joystick which controls the equipment is ergonomically positioned so that the operator has everything close to hand. In addition, for the tasks that require constantly controlled movement the operator can use the speed-fix device that holds a given speed during operation. T

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