Riko HS135

3.5 Ton winch, mechanical control, top mesh guard, optional Lower pulley & tow hitch, 60m x 9mm cable, pto shaft.

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Our standard manual winches are driven from a PTO stub shaft with sprocket via a drive chain to the main drum drive sprocket which has a bonded clutch plate, with a large surface area.  The cable drum is offset to the side of the PTO drive line.  The cable drum has a band type brake that prevents the drum from turning when not winching in.   To winch in the cable the sprocket / clutch is pressed onto the cable drum.  As well as the usual set of pullies on the control cord, that increases the force applied by the operator, the force is further multiplied by a double linkage system.  Compared to similar designs of winches, this double linkage system considerably reduces the effort required by the operator.

When the operator engages the drive clutch the band brake is automatically released and when the drive clutch is disengaged the band brake automatically comes back on.  For ultimate control the clever design of the double arm linkage enable the operator to ‘feather’ the clutch and brake if required.

Pulling power. 3.5t empty drum
Rope speed. 4O m / min
Rope take-up. 6O m / 10 mm Ø
. . . . . . . . . . . . .75 m / 9 mm Ø
Standard cable: 6O m / 9 mm Ø
Shield width. 1.OOO mm
Height including protective grill. 2.O2O mm
Rope entry height. 1.15O mm
Weight. 155 kg
Min PTO power. 1O kW - 14Hp

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