Uniforest 55M Forestry Winch / Timber Winch

5.5 Ton Forestry winch, mechanical control, folding top guard. Top and Lower pulley, tow hitch, 70m x 10mm cable, pto shaft

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Uniforest 55M Forestry Winch / Timber Winch Click image for photo gallery


55 M Is a completely new design with ergonomic shape yet robust construction, multi-plate clutch, folding guard, lower pulley, trailer tow hitch.

Type 55M
Pulling force 55kN
Wire rope medium speed 0,90 m/s
Wire rope Length / diameter
Max.(theoretical) 110/10 m/mm
90/11 m/mm
75/12 m/mm 
Standrd 70/11 m/mm
2160 N/mm2 
Recommende tractor power 40- 55 kW
54- 75 km 
PTO Shaft revolutions 540 min-1
Dimensions Featuers
Width 1.590 mm Trailer tow hitch Serial
Depth 490 mm Lower pulley Serial
Height without safety guard 1.400 mm Chainsaw holder Serial
Height with safety guard 2.300 mm Pickaxe holder Serial
Weight without wire rope 361 kg Multi - plate clutch Serial

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