Uniforest 85G Forestry winch.

8.5 ton single drum, gear driven winch, tractor linkage mounted. Folding top guard. 130m x 12mm cable, pto shaft.

UF85G 1.9 From:£9,450 + vat.
UF85G 2.1 From: £9,700 + vat.
UF85G 1.9 Hyd hinged butt plate From: £9,850 + vat.
UF85G 2.1 Hyd hinged butt plate From:£10,100 + vat.
Front mounting option: + £400 + vat.

Uniforest 85G Forestry winch. Click image for photo gallery


The Uniforest G winches are for serious professional use. They are electro hydraulic controlled with a hand held wander lead.  They all have the option of being radio remote controlled. The tractor pto drives a hydraulic pump which in turn drive a hydraulic motor/s which power the drum and applies pressure to the multiple clutch plates.  There is a hydraulic unwinding device that powers the cable off the drum when feeding the cable out. The unwinding speed of the cable can be varied using the flow control valve.  A winding arm and pressure roller help ensure the cable is evenly wound onto the drum when winching in.  The G winches have a high pulling force even with a fully wound drum. Chainsaw and fuel tank holder are standard. They have a highly efficient worm gear drive or  Bevel and helical gear drive. The hydrailic system has a high pressure oil filter. They have a folding window guard. Easy to maintain and control. Optional hydraulic hinged butt plate. The G winches are priced with  syandard size cable, however tere is a choice of cable sizes and length.  There are two top link positions and multiple lower linkage mounting points to suit a wide range of tractor linkages. A PTO shaft is included in the price. 

Type 85 G
Drive worm gear
Pulling force - internal dia. 85kN
Pulling force - outer dia. 56kN 
Brake force 106kN
Wire rope medium speed 0,5 m/s 540 min-1
0,9 m/s 1000 min-1
Max capacity of wire rope 118/13 m/mm
130/12 m/mm 
Recommended tractor power min. 74 kW
min. 100 PS 
PTO Shaft revoulutions 750 min-1


Dimensions Features
Option 1
Option 2
1.920 mm
1.720 mm
2.100 mm 
Clutch plates 6 pcs
Depth 930 mm Pump 3-piston pump 
Height without safety guard 1.500 mm Hydraulic hinged butt plate 
Option 1
Option 2


1920 mm
2100 mm
Height with safety guard 2.300 mm
Weight without wire rope 1920/640kg

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