TGF 98/10400 (89-99HP)

The TGF tractor, featuring a super-low profile and unequal wheels, designed to work nimbly between narrow rows and perform tight turns thanks to its small front wheels.

Prices from: £poa.

TGF 98/10400 (89-99HP) Click image for photo gallery


Operators can choose between as many as 16 combinations in order to personalise their TGF and assure exceptional performance on any type of terrain. TGF, a powerful but compact vehicle, remains stable and perfectly balanced even when fitted with the most demanding equipment. It is ideal for working in thick orchards, canopy vineyards, greenhouses, and even on steep terrain with a steep horizontal slope. On request, the TGF can be fitted with the classical Starlight cab or the pressurised Protector 100 cabin, which combines maximum insulation with comfort and visibility.
TGF is available in 2 versions: 9800 at 89 hp, 4 turbo cylinders, 3300 cc, balance shafts with injection system and electronically-controlled EGR; and 10400 at 99 hp with intercooler.

(The smaller TGF 71hp version. Mechanical 16Fw X 16Rv gearbox with synchromesh shuttle, independent PTO details available on the Ergit 71-87 page)

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