TRG (89-99HP Bi-directional)

Front steering - Mechanical gearbox - Bi-directional 87-95HP

Prices from: £poa.

TRG (89-99HP Bi-directional) Click image for photo gallery


TRG, reversible with unequal wheels, is the most powerful model in the series. It has been designed for heavy-duty and demanding work on large farms. TRG tractors are extraordinarily handy thanks to their extremely tight turning radius. This is due to their finely-tuned engines and their constant ground adherence, which is ensured by the projecting engine configuration and the 4-wheel drive. Their extraordinary versatility is achieved by their reversible driving position: each vehicle can change position in order to use an extensive range of plowing, spraying, harvesting, towing, groundcare, forestry and worksite equipment. The reversible driving position and the ergonomic controls simplify work, thus eliminating operator stress and fatigue.
TRG is available in 2 versions: 9800 at 89 hp, 4 turbo cylinders, 3300 cc, balance shafts with injection system and electronically-controlled EGR; and 10400 at 90 hp with intercooler.

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