EVO 36 - WP 36 Firewood Processor

Tractor PTO powered Firewood processor with Chainsaw cut, 36cm diameter capacity, 10 ton two speed, unique walking floor infeed, outfeed conveyor.

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EVO 36 - WP 36 Firewood Processor Click image for photo gallery


The WP 36 / EVO 36 range are renowned for their incredible ease of use and high output.  There are no drive belts and pulley’s and they are fully mechanical so there is not a single electrical component on the processor.  The optional timber lifter makes them self-loading and it will lift 3 to 4 meter long timber from the ground onto the processing bed.  The timber is then fed through to the cutting area with the unique walking floor infeed.  This is ‘V’ shaped so it grips the timber during feeding and cutting, so there is almost no need to grip the timber whilst cutting.  The log length can be set from 15cm up to 60cm.  The chainsaw then cuts the timber and the log drops a very short distance into the splitting chamber.  On the WP36-10 the 10 ton two speed splitting force then pushes the log through the splitting blade.  This is 2-4 way as standard and is adjustable in height.  The blade can be exchanged for a 6 way even 8 way blade.  Once split the logs are carried up a 4 meter long, hydraulic conveyor belt.  The belt is rubber and has grip bars spaced to give an even flow of logs up the conveyor. 

The conveyor slews left and right and is adjustable in height.  For easy transport the infeed fold vertically and the outfeed conveyor folds in half over the main machine.  This brings the transport width around 7 feet wide.

The standard machine 3 point linkage mounted and is powered by the tractors PTO.  There is an optional electric 3 phase motor or a 13hp Honda petrol engine. You can even combine any two or even three power systems on the same machine. 


EVO 36 / WP36 tractor PTO driven firewood processor (Petrol engine or petrol & PTO available)

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