This attachment is powered by the PTO of the 2-wheel tractor, it consists of a frame containing a drum, inside which are mounted swinging blades, the drum rotates at very high speed, above this drum is a hopper that material can be fed into. As the material falls into the drum the rotating hammers shred the material. Underneath the drum is a screen with holes punched in it, the material is shredded until it is fine enough to pass out of the drum through the screen. Various size screens are available to enable the size of the shredded material to be controlled and therefore the output. The drum is intended for garden waste such as vegetable waste, prunings / clippings up to 35mm can be fed in. On the side of the drum are mounted a pair of blades, a small chute is mounted inline with these blades on the side of the frame. Larger material such as branches up to 70mm can be feed into this chute. The blades chip the branches before the chippings enter the drum where they are shredded. This attachment requires a power unit of a minimum 8hp.