Rotary Lawn Mowers


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Once again front mounted and driven by the PTO of the motor mower / 2-wheel tractor, it is like your normal garden mower. They have two wheels at the front that adjust in height for varying the length of cut, as the wheels rotate freely this also aids steering. The key feature is they can be used with or without a collector, which is mounted on top of the mower. The widths available are 80cm with one blade and 90cm with two blades. The leading edges on the ends of these blades are sharpened with the trailing edge bent upwards, like a propeller. This helps create an updraft that lifts the material to aid the efficiency of the cutting action, and creates the draft to blow the cut grass into the collector. The blade of the rotary mower rotates at a very high speed and with the collector removed the grass can be discharged to one side. This very action means that if the material being cut is very long the cutting deck can effectively become ‘choked up’, this will slow the revolutions and possibly even stall the machines engine. Therefore rotary lawn mowers are intended for cutting grass on a regular basis. The rotary mower can be fitted with a collector (see right picture).The trailed seat attachment can again be used.

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