Flail Mowers


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Driven by the PTO, these are also front mounted and are the ultimate mower for tackling overgrown areas and rough ground where you are not sure what you may come across and the material being cut needs to be particularly well mulched. The cutting is carried out by a series of Y blades that are hung from a rotating shaft that is horizontal to the ground and is situated across the front of the power unit. They vary in width from 40cm to 90cm (depending on the power unit HP) and will cut short grass or long grass, wildflowers, weeds, thistles, bracken, light gorse and woody material such as reeds and saplings. They are ideal for scrub, as they tend to pull it into the cutting flails where it is well and truly mulched up. If the right power unit and width flail are used and the correct protective clothing is worn it is possible to cut a path through surprisingly high and tangled scrub, leaving a well-mulched pathway behind you! Whilst a flail mower will cope with cutting almost any material it has one drawback, flail mowers have a relatively slow forward working speed, therefore even if the material you are cutting is not very long you will not be able to work very fast. They are fantastic for taking control of well overgrown areas, but once the area is under control and you wish to mow more frequently, to keep it under control, you may find the slower working speed irritating. The fail mower therefore tends to be used more by contractors or in woodland plantations, vineyards and orchards. Private users will often find the rotary scrub mower a better option. It will take a little longer to get the overgrown areas under control but will then be quicker for the more frequent mowing. The standard flail attachment is fixed to the front of the power unit, an optional oscillating connection can be specified that will help the flail follow the contours of the ground and make the machine easier to handle. An overrun drive device is also available that helps control the machine when used in confined spaces or when changing from forward to reverse frequently. Both are recommended for contractors or for heavy use. It is not practical to use the trailed seat attachment with flail mowers.

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