Scrub Mower


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The scrub mower works in exactly the same manner as the rotary mower and is available in 60cm and 80cm cut widths. However the body is square and runs on adjustable skids for varying the cut height, wheels are available for easier steering. The square shape means it is more open at the front, this allows the grass / material to enter the cutting area more easily where it is held for a while to be well mulched before exiting out of the rear of the mower. They use the same type of quick coupling connection and the blade is also sandwiched between two clutch plates, this helps protect the transmission and the power unit in the event an obstruction such as a molehill or stump is hit. The adjustable skids help keep the mower in a straight line when working across slopes. All these features make it ideal for tackling overgrown areas, and will cut long grass, weeds, thistles, bracken etc. Even with woody material such as brambles, reeds and small saplings. It will also give a surprisingly good short cut, this is often helpful, as once the overgrown area has been tackled the scrub mower can be lowered down and used to give a quick and acceptable finish leaving the area cut like parkland or a playing field. The trailed seat attachment can be used however it is not recommended when mowing through scrub and rough ground.

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