Rotary Driven Plough



Although this implement creates a furrow and is called a plough it does not look like one! It consists of a four blades bolted to a rotating shaft that is vertical to the ground, this makes it look a little like an auger or even a food mixer! The rotary driven plough is powered by the PTO and usually attaches to the rear of the 2-wheel, so it is pulled, although some makes can be pushed. Unlike the rotovator it has a working width and depth of 25-30cm; however the advantage over the normal plough is that, as the PTO powers it, it achieves the desired working depth in one pass. Although the driven plough creates a furrow its action is more akin to Rotovating and moving the spoil to one side to form a furrow, rather than ‘turning / inverting’ the soil. The driven plough is particularly good when wishing to cultivate turf or to cultivate deeper than a rotovator.