Hay Rake


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As the name suggest the Hay rake is for raking cut grass (or other cut vegetation) into rows. However it can also be used to spread / turn hay. The Hay rake is front mounted and PTO driven. It has a working width of around 130cm, there is a pair of wheels in front of the rake and these are connected to a lever system with a single handle that comes from the rake, over the top of the power unit to just above the handlebars of the power unit. This single handle bar is used to control the steering of the power unit and hay rake. The raking action is created by tines bolted to one or two belts around a pair of pulleys, the power unit drives these belts. The raking mechanism runs horizontal to the ground, across the front of the power unit, as you drive forward the rake moves the cut material from left to right. There is an adjustable screen on the right side that the cut material is thrown against, making a row that can be varied in width. By traveling up one way and back the other you can effectively rake two areas of 130cm width into one row. The row of cut material can then be baled by a baler, obviously the rows can also be hand forked into a trailer or made into a ‘Hay Rick’, it is also possible to use a light ‘buck rake’ attachment to push the rows of material into heaps. The trailed seat attachment can be used but is not recommended.

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